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About us

You might think there’s a great long heroic story of how and why this company was founded, But the truth is the actual reasons are a lot more relatable to the average male and female.


It was actually two constant nagging complaints that led to the start of this beard company. The journey takes us back three years to when I first heard the most unspeakable words from my girlfriend “It hurts my face” she said which felt like a dagger to the heart and “It looks dry” which ceased all conversation for the rest of the night, they soon became her favorite lines. A few weeks later to my surprise I was given an ultimatum…. Her or the beard!! For a split second I contemplated walking away into the sunset with just my beard and my bags but instead I looked for a solution. A softer, better looking and all round healthier beard was what I needed or I’d be single (shaving was never an option)


After searching through dozens of supermarket aisles and never finding the beard balm or beard oil I was looking for, I decided to form a skin and hair care company that provides a service matched by no other.


Wether it’s beard or skin care, our products will leave you feeling pampered and indulged. We’ve got our sights set on being the #1 Online Skin Care Line out there, which is why we never settle for just being okay.


                                                                  P.S. She stayed and we lived happily ever after

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