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Grow Grow Grow!!! How to grow a beard

First of all, congratulations on finally seeing the light and deciding to grow what all men want and what every sane woman craves when thinking of her ideal partner.

Start with a clean shave: No one likes an uneven beard so this is the first step. Although your hair may not grow at the same rate a fresh shave will help you see the daily improvements. Try to keep your skin as clean as possible, a facial wash or exfoliator will do the trick (yes men use facial washes too) or steal some off your girlfriend! She won’t mind once she sees the end result!

Battle the itch: This is the one hurdle that many stumble over head first into beardless mediocrity! The reason beards itch is because the hairs have not been moisturised at their roots, which leads to the hairs trying to pierce through the skin are too harsh resulting in that itchy feeling. A beard wash or purpose beard balm will help soothe this common problem. Fight the itch!

Comb or brush the awesomeness: A knotty beard will never grow so use a comb or brush to separate the hair and make space for more beard to flourish. They also help with those annoying ingrown hairs!

Be patient: don’t get frustrated that you haven’t got a professor Dumbledore beard by the end of week 1! Anything worth having is worth waiting for, so slowly put down the razor and thank us later

Take care: Facial hair needs the same care as head hair, but not the same products. Normal hair shampoo can damage the chances of you growing a beard, so invest in a beard wash or beard balm which will have all the ingredients that your beard needs to be healthy and strong.

Lastly: Find a beard style that suits you and try not to break to many hearts along your way. Bearded men are starting to get a reputation

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