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Thicker Than A Snicker! Growing A Thicker Beard!

The secret to growing a thicker beard is to be able to get to the three- week mark! That’s past the stubble phase, around the itchy stage and over the patcy beard hurdle

Even if you see patches of hair, the beard gods are testing you! Believe the hair will fill in the gaps, you need to learn to be very patient when it comes to beard growth. You’ve got to earn the right to wear a beard!

It is at the three- week mark that most beards will start to connect and fill in more evenly, then you are in the best position to decide on your beard style. The hurdle that most men fall over when growing a thicker beard is the commitment to the cause, you must get past the stubble phase to allow the beard to take shape and grow more rapidly.

Don’t get too excited when you start to see a beard forming, If you start trimming and shaping too early, you will stop the growth process and never truly form that thick beard look you’re going for.

After you have made it to past the 3 week, you will have a couple of choices when it comes to your mane. one option of simply letting it grow on its own, no shaping, no trimming just letting it reach its full potential. The other option is to begin to sculpt, shape, and groom the awesomeness that most women crave!

Remember patience is a virtue!

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