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I Saw A Bearded Pig Fly Yesterday! 5 Beard Myths Everyone Seems To Believe In!

Myth #1: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker. "No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. So those tablets you’ve been taking will not help However, we do need amino acids or protein in our diet to grow hair. A healthy diet is always recommended, but those fish eyes are only helping bad breath

Myth #2: If you shave more often, your facial hair will grow thicker. This is one that everyone has been heard, usually told by a beardless wannabe, unfortunately it’s not true (sorry to burst that bubble) Shaving absolutely does not make your hair grow at any quicker. It may feel as though it grows faster as you get that little prickly feeling in the morning, but that’s just the hairs growing back! Check our other blog posts for ways to grow a healthy beard

Myth #3: Grey beards are coarser. Our hair follicles become smaller as we age. If a long beard seems coarse, it’s just because it hasn’t been conditioned or looked after properly or has some split ends. (yes, you get those at certain lengths too) So no need for the just for men hair dye just yet!

Myth #4: Having a beard will stop you from getting a job. Your bad CV will stop you first! While it's advised to have a hair cut and beard trim before an interview, fully shaving off your beard won't necessarily get you the job you want. Imagine the beard you shaved off that very morning was better than the one your boss is currently sporting while interviewing you. It's always best to be yourself as it's the one job you can't fail at. A good beard will separate you from other boring candidates and will make you easier to remember. (if you fail to land a job off the basis of our advice, we apologise. That is all)

Myth #5: Beards are unhygienic. True but so are you if you don't have a least 2 showers a day! Anything you don't wash will eventually get dirty! Having a great beard isn't just about growing one, its about the care that goes into maintenance also. Washing combing, brushing and moisturising will have your beard looking and smelling fresher than your mum's laundry!

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