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Maintain The Campaign!

A new day is here! Gone are the days of baby chins. Facial hair is the new 6 pack!! But First things first! Choose your beard wisely, one that suits you, not one you’ve seen on someone else that you think will look good on you (harsh but true, sorry)

Invest in a beard shampoo: Maintaining a beard is all about care. The eagerly anticipated Purpose Beard Shampoo has no added chemicals, only essential oils that will keep you beard clean and the roots healthy. Do not use normal hair shampoo as it sucks the natural oils out of the roots and makes your beard harsh and coarse (basically don’t be lazy and steal your missus shampoo)

Use a beard balm: Beneath your beard you need to keep the skin hydrated, Purpose Beard Balm will soften and moisturise the hair but also help its growth as well as strength. With the summer coming, some people may prefer a beard oil for a lighter feel. Keep your eyes peeled as we've got something in the works. For shorter beards we suggest applying our beard balm twice a day for maximum results!

A brush or comb: This daily routine will untangle any stubborn hairs and give way for new hairs to grow. Combing can also help with ingrown hairs or unsightly spots. A dry beard can be painful to comb, but after using an oil or beard balm the hair will be softer and easier to groom. Think about how your muscles look straight after a work out, pumped and enhanced, then they deflate after 5 minutes and go back to normal (sigh), combing has the same effect of your beard but the pump and fullness stays loyal!

Beard trimmer or scissors: Some people prefer a barber, but they tend to style your beard the way they think it looks best. Also they always seem to take too much off even when you tell the exactly what you want before hand! When growing your beard you may get some wild hairs growing out of place, like just beneath your eyes, a trimmer will do the trick perfectly. A set of scissors always come in handy when shaping the edges also.

Don't let anyone touch it! The bigger it grows, the more people will want to feel it. Like a new born baby getting their cheeks pinched and pulled. You didn't go through all the above for someone to put thier dirty hands through your beard. Be selective with who you let touch your beard, after all how many people have you seen touch The Mona Lisa?!

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