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Purpose x London (Piccadilly Circus)

Uk Purpose x London is a celebration of the capital. A tourist's guide if you will. In these pages you will find a little history, some interesting places to visit and of course great photography with a sprinkle of "accidentally" placed beard products. Our second location is Piccadilly Circus!

Piccadilly Circus might just be London’s most famous road junction. Situated in the heart of the West End, it’s known for it’s huge video displays and neon signs! The Circus is walking distance from the biggest fashion retailers and is the home of entertainment with tons of Theatres on every corner! Some of Londons most famous night clubs can be found on this street aswell as some well known gentleman's clubs too. You will also notice artists painting on the pavements as well as magicians entertaining the crowd. Loose change is always appreciated!

As well as the Shaftesbury memorial fountain and statue. It is surrounded by several notable buildings, including the London Pavilion and Criterion Theatre. Directly underneath the plaza is Piccadilly Circus Underground station, part of the London Underground system so if you ever feel the ground shake, don't panic it's just the tube!

An Ideal day out or landmark for any tourist.

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